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Stained glass

August 2007

There are seven windows and three doors in this apartment to walk or jump out of, but I’m still stuck here in this awkward space, breathing in stale air that has been lingering on for days now. Where’s my crayon. I wanted to try doodling a door of my own, right there on the wall across my comfy sofa. I’ll make it nice and rosy too with lots of vines circling the doorframe, decorative. Maybe crashing through that wall would be easier than walking through the dead empty space he calls a door.

“You’re never gonna be happy, if you don’t learn how to live without constantly worrying about something. There’s always something to get paranoid over in your world. But guess what? Everyone has problems. That’s just life, learn how to fucking deal with yourself. I’m getting sick and tired of you crying every night.”

Why bother, I’m not a person. I’m an impersonator. I’m just pretending to live. Watching those people walk on the streets from my precious windows, touching the precious glass that separates me from the real world, their world. I leave smudgy trails on it with my fingertips while tracing their footsteps. And I will sit there for hours too, waiting for the same old faces to pass by to see if their paths crossed with any of the other regulars’ trails this time.




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